Since being founded in 2015, The National Whisky Festival of Scotland has established itself as one of the most exciting exhibitions of uisge-beatha - growing from a single tasting into a popular series of festivals across the country.

At the core of our vision is a dynamic cultural experience built on whisky, discovery and diversity. From seasoned experts to curious newcomers, everyone is invited to celebrate whisky’s strong traditions whilst unveiling the exciting new styles of tomorrow.

With over 200 whiskies available to sample from some of the most celebrated names in the industry, plus an extensive programme of award winning mixology, local food vendors, cutting edge musicians and live artists - The National Whisky Festival experience will leave you feeling inspired by the contemporary character and experimental nature of Scotland’s national drink.

As well as a flagship sell out event in Glasgow each year as part of the world renowned Celtic Connections, popular editions are also held in Aberdeen and Edinburgh with big plans in place to take the festival into bold new territory in the future.

There is no better time to immerse yourself in the world of Scottish culture, so join us for a sensationally packed day and let us serve an essential introduction!

Please check our events section for upcoming editions and follow us on social media for all event exhibitor announcements.

Slàinte Mhath!